About Us


With the vision since our inception to provide only quality products and always remain competitive in the market, we have established Maxim Telecom Inc in 2011. Quickly availing the opportunity, with the help of our business experience, sound financial strength and our team we are standing among the leading quality international voice carriers.

Our Network

Our voice network is entirely ‘next generation’. We interconnect with multiple tier-1 and -2 carriers giving us global reach and the pick of the best routes. Quality is our main requirement from a route, with all purchased routes quality graded and performance monitored. Price is secondary to quality when determining a route for a customer call.


For regulatory reasons we only provide services to customers who certify their status as Communications Providers. Beyond this we qualify customers by technical competence rather than size. Our goal is to be our customers’ telephony toolkit and reliable secret weapon and prefer to deal with customers who have the experience to capitalize on what we offer. As such, our customers range from tier-1 carriers, through innovative enterprises to start-up ITSPs. It is also very important to us that our customers add value to the ultimate consumer and accordingly avoid ‘the channel’.


We only deal with reputable, established carriers where the origin of their service is verifiable. We do not deal with re sellers, brokers, or those selling questionable routes. In every case the supplier is directly connected to our network, even for VoIP interconnects, ensuring TDM quality for our customers.

Financial position

Maxim Telecom Inc is debt free, profitable and cash-flow generative enabling ongoing investment in capacity and network expansion. The company remains 100% owned by management.

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